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Phytochemicals are the chemical compounds made by plants, generally to assist them thrive or thwart pathogens, competitors, predators etc. Capable to be utilized as the traditional medicines, the category includes compounds acknowledged as necessary nutrients, which are naturally contained in plants and are needed for natural physiological functions. These chemical compounds offered by plants can be commonly found in vegetables, nuts, fruits, legumes, and grains. Frequently baffled with phytonutrients, these compounds are highly beneficial with their positive health effects. It can be said that all phytonutrients are Phytochemicals, but not all phyto-chemicals are phytonutrients. Responsible for the color of fruits, veggies and others these are highly salutary.

Key Points:

1) Highly helpful in reducing the oxidative harm grounded by free radicals.
2) Provided with best anti-bacterial properties.
3) Largely accountable for the protective health advantages of plant-based foods and potables.
4) Capable to trim down the endangerment of cardiovascular diseases.