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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
We are offering best quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, which suffice as the biologically active pharmaceutical medicates. Useful for the formulation of medicines, these are applicable for various therapeutic domains. The ingredients are really responsible for the advantageous health effects gained by consumers. The best quality of these ingredients make a direct effect on the safety as well as efficacy of medicates.
Excipients & Fine Chemicals
Spectrum carries a large inventory of Excipients & Fine Chemicals for use in all kinds of medication. These active substances are offered with an unpleasant taste and are rendered with a preserved shelf-life. Provided single, complex & pure chemical substances can be made in limited amounts in multipurpose plants via biotechnological processes as well as multistep batch chemicals.
Offered Phytochemicals are noted as the chemical compounds, which can be utilized as the long-standing medicines as well as essential nutrients, founded in plants. These are really helpful for the natural physiological functions and can be commonly found in fruits, legumes, vegetables, nuts and grains. Also known as phytonutrients, these proffer extremely beneficial health effects.
Veterinary API's
Veterinary API's are the ectoparasiticidal active substances employed for veterinary utilization. These substances are exclusively utilized for topical use to the unbroken skin of animals and which are anti-fungal, ectoparasiticidal or anti-bacterial agents. Insuring a good health of animals, these optimal quality intermediates are commendable for their instant health advantages.
Pharmaceutical Pellets
Applicable for the pharmaceutical industry, Pharmaceutical Pellets can be defined as the little, free-flowing, spherical particulate matters produced by the accumulation of grains of drug substances or fine powders and excipients, by utilizing the most appropriate processing equipments. These have been extensively analyzed to create controlled as well as delayed release oral formulations, which discharge active elements in the gastrointestinal area at predetermined rates.
Agro Chemicals
Provided Agro Chemicals are used to provide absolute protection to crops against diseases, weeds & pests thus ensuring an optimal harvest as well as abundance of food. The chemicals are well-capable to control crop-harming organisms (such as nematodes, insects, rodents, mites, fungi) or viruses. Offered chemicals are cost effective and render remarkably better human health, globally.

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